So… How many priests does it take to screw in a bunch of lightbulbs?
Two this time, and a few parishioners.

A HUGE THANK YOU to those who came and helped illuminate our little Church.

Last week I asked for volunteers to come and help me hang some Christmas lights and change the burnt out lightbulbs around the exterior of our Church.  Many understandably were unable to come due to work, but a lovely handful of volunteers did show up, and we enjoyed some gorgeous weather as we brightened our building.  In about 3 hours, we put up 16 strands of lights around the entire perimeter of the building.  We also changed lightbulbs on both the front and the back of the church illuminating the four main entrances (we still need to work a little more to get the side doors working, but we did really good.)

Thank you to Abuna (Fr.) Issa, Tony, Louis, Steve and my kids who pitched in and got this lovely job done.  It not only looks great, but it also helped us bond the two parishes (St. Nicholas Melkite & Dormition Ukr. Cath), and enabled us to meet and talk to several neighbours.  I’m so pleased.

And Bonus: We got the roof’s gutters / drains cleared too.