• 2018 Clergy Conferences:
    • November 2 (9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Providence Renewal Centre)
  • Catholic Education Sunday is celebrated on November 4. The Catholic Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories issued a Message on the occasion,Rejoice and Be Glad”.
  • The Holy Father has issued his Message for the Second World Day of the Poor, entitled “This Poor Man Cried, and the Lord Heard Him,” to be celebrated on November 18.

           The Message  is available on the Holy See’s website at: vatican.va

  • The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops wishes to draw attention to the plight of the world’s persecuted Christians. This project is known as Red Wednesday. A description of this annual event which have been prepared at the request of the CCCB by Ms. Marie-Claude Lalonde, National Director of Aid to the Church in Need Canada: Aid to the Church in Need – PDF.  The scheduled date in 2018 for Red Wednesday is November 21. More information on Aid to the Church in Need Canada is available on its website, http://acn-canada.org/.
  • This year marks the 85th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Famine – Holodomor (1932-1933).
    By the end of 1933, millions of people in Ukraine died from starvation, perhaps as many as one-quarter of the population. They died needlessly as the crop harvests were plentiful. The famine was human-made, orchestrated to inflict pain and suffering upon the people, all for political reasons. The tragic events of that time are known today as the Ukrainian Famine and Genocide or “Holodomor” in Ukrainian.

    Several events have been organized throughout the Province of Alberta to commemorate this horrific tragedy and to pray for the repose of the Holodomor victims.  Take time to locate the one nearest you and plan to attend.

    The last Saturday of November is designated Ukrainian Famine and Genocide – Holodomor –  Memorial Day in Alberta. This year it falls on November 24. On or about this day plan to make a difference in the lives of the poor today. Millions died from starvation in Ukraine from 1932-1933. Millions throughout the world are still dying today from starvation. In remembrance of those who perished in the Holodomor, challenge yourself as a parish or a family to feed the poor in your local community on this day by donating food or money to a local charity, serving a meal at a local soup kitchen, handing out sandwiches and hot coffee, distributing food hampers to local families – whatever.

                   You may also consider making a financial donation to help refugees in Ukraine through Catholic Near East Welfare Association – Canada (http://donate.cnewa.ca/emergency-ukraine-p/12368.htm) or to help the victims of the Rohingya Crisis in Burma (Myanmar) through Development and Peace – Carita Canada (https://www.devp.org/en/aboutus/caritascanada).

       Let us befittingly honour the memory of the millions who died from starvation from a human-made famine in 1932-1933 first by prayerfully committing their souls in peace to God, and then by actively eradicating poverty by feeding the poor in our midst today one mouth at a time.

  • The Annual Bishop’s Appeal Collection “What Gift Have I, Worthy of a King?” takes place on Sunday, December 2. The Appeal coincides with the Feast of Saint Nicholas, the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra. Saint Nicholas is uniquely tied to Christmas, the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Early stories about Saint Nicholas carry with them the Nativity themes of love and justice. He is characterized as a generous and pious servant of God, caring for children and families, and providing gifts for their spiritual and physical well-being.

         And that’s what the Ukrainian Catholic Church is all about.  Caring and providing for the faithful throughout the Province of Alberta.

         Help Bishop David in spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by supporting our Eparchial ministries and offices, including:  Youth Ministry, Family Life Ministries, Religious Education, Liturgy Office, Vocations, Ecumenism, Social Outreach, and Marriage Tribunal.

         With Christmas on our doorstep, one of the holiest times of the year, and in the spirit of Saint Nicholas, what gift do you bring now to the infant Jesus, who lays quietly and peacefully in a manger?

         Thank you for your generosity!   May God bless you and your families!

  • Eparchial Clergy, Clergy Families, and Religious – Saint Nicholas Gathering, Thursday, December 27, 11:00 am Divine Liturgy at Saint Josaphat Cathedral, Edmonton (all clergy invited to concelebrate), followed by a Christmas dinner and visit by Saint Nicholas for the children.

         Join Bishop David in a relaxing and casual day as the eparchial clergy, their families and women and men religious come together in fellowship to celebrate the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord and exchange best wishes of peace, hope and joy for the New Year.

  • 2019 Presbyteral Council Meetings:  (2:00 – 5:00 pm, Pastoral Centre):  March 18, May 13, October 28.
  • 2019 Clergy Conferences:  (10:00 am – 4:00 pm):  March 19, May 14, November 1.
  • 2019 Annual Clergy Retreat – June 10-14 (Sanctum Retreat Centre, Caroline).
  • 2019 Annual Clergy Study Days:  October 28-31 (Providence Renewal Centre, Edmonton).


  • Earlier this year, the Alberta/NWT Catholic Bishops sat down for an interview and conversation with Lorraine Turchansky, Chief Communications Officer, Archdiocse of Edmonton, for a Bishops’ Roundtable. The first of four separate episodes, “What Keeps a Catholic Bishop Up at Night?” has been posted on Grandin Media Youtube channel at: https://youtu.be/5lvRDn_F1V0.
  • The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, through its Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace, issued a Statement on the Right to Safe Drinking Water.

           The statement is available as an online only resource on the CCCB website at: https://www.cccb.ca/site/images/stories/pdf/CCCB_Drinking_Water_2018.pdf

          The statement draws particular attention to the privatization of water for corporate profit and the ongoing issue of unsafe drinking water on some reserves in Canada where Indigenous Peoples are living.

      Earlier this month, Pope Francis focused on water in his Message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, 1 September 2018.

           The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 2018-2028 as the International Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development.

  • The Presbyteral Council of the Eparchy of Edmonton is a body of priests representing the presbyterate and which assists the eparchial bishop by its advice in those things that regard the needs of pastoral activity and the good of the eparchy.

         The Presbyteral Council membership consists of:

    • Rev. Stephen Wojcichowsky, Protosyncellus (Vicar General) and Chancellor, ex-officio
    • Rev. Janko Herbut, Protopresbyter – Edmonton Deanery
    • Rev. Danylo Bodnar, Protopresbyter – Mundare Deanery
    • Rev. Greg Faryna, Protopresbyter – Calgary Deanery
    • Rev. Peter Babej
    • Rev. Julian Bilyj
    • Rev. Michael Bombak
    • Rev. Slavko Dumec
    • Rev. Bill Hupalo
    • Rev. Danylo Kuc
    • Rev. Mihajlo Planchak
    • Rev. Josaphat Tyrkalo, osbm
    • Rev. Rendy Yackimec
  • College of Consultors

      The College of Consultors is a body of priests, chosen from the Presbyteral Council, who act as official advisors to the eparchial bishop in certain matters determined by law pertaining to the administration of the eparchy, and as a governing board when the eparchial see is vacant or impeded.

The College of Consultors membership consists of:

  • Rev. Stephen Wojcichowsky, Protosyncellus and Chancellor, ex-officio
  • Rev. Janko Herbut, Protopresbyter – Edmonton Deanery
  • Rev. Danylo Bodnar, Protopresbyter – Mundare Deanery
  • Rev. Greg Faryna, Protopresbyter – Calgary Deanery
  • Rev. Josaphat Tyrkalo, osbm
  • Rev. Peter Babej




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