Welcome!  We are glad you came. 

Each week after Liturgy please join us for “coffee” so that we can get to know one another.

If you are unfamiliar with Byzantine Christian worship then you are in for a wonderful experience. For many it may seem a bit strange, perhaps even from another time.  The priest stands in front of the Altar facing God with the people, everything is sung or chanted, the clergy are vested in rich looking vestments, the people venerate the Gospel Book and icons, incense fills the air with majesty…   With all the smells and bells it can seem a bit overwhelming to those who are not familiar with it, but each action, each prayer, each detail has deep meaning, and once understood they help us enter deeper into our life with God.

The Byzantine Church’s liturgical roots run deep into early Christianity.  The Divine Liturgy (known as the “Mass” in the Latin Rite) is the same Eucharistic service first celebrated by Christ Himself, and is the highlight of our liturgical worship.  Although our prayer life is living and dynamic, our liturgical tradition has many elements that have remained virtually unchanged over the centuries.  Authentic yet still totally relevant to us today.  The goal of the Divine Liturgy is to unite ourselves with all creation, in praise and thanksgiving to God.

If you are new to our faith tradition, I encourage you to come and sit next to one of our ‘regulars’, and let them guide and explain things for you.  Questions are very welcome.