Blog entry #1

I miss you all, and I want to communicate, so… I’m gonna try to post entries here.  I can’t promise to be totally regular.  I can’t promise that all the things I say will be super intelligent, but…   God’s goodness needs to be proclaimed, things need to be explained, and my precious kids everywhere need crafts too.

The first thing on my list of things to communicate is… stay strong.

The second is:  Know that I am praying for us all.  Hopefully you are praying for the people around you too.  I have been celebrating services with my family.  See the photo at the bottom of this post of me celebrating Palm Sunday at our family Icon Corner above the dining table.

Third:  Please, do spiritual and educational stuff with your kids.  Perhaps you can make a craft that will help them/you think about what is happening during Holy Week.  Here are a couple crafts I have made this week for kids (to share with you here and also online with those at my wife’s school).  I just used stuff that was lying around in our house.  I’d love to see what you and your families can create.  Send me a pic.

Talk to you all soon.

Fr. Bo

Yes, the vestments I have at home are wrinkly.  Yes, I am bare foot.  Yes, I have a bottle of hand sanitizer on my table so that I can distribute Eucharist to my wife and kids with sanitized hands.  I guess they are lucky to live with a priest.  You too can receive Eucharist, but in spirit only.  This is called spiritual communion.  I’ll write about it more in the near future.