Christ is Risen!

This Easter has been like no other, but it is still good.  Christ our God is Risen!  Spring has arrived!  We shall move forward with faith, and look forward to a healthier holier future.

Having said this, it is still difficult for all of us as we are isolated from each other.  I miss your high fives, hugs and voices singing “Christ Is Risen!”

This week in addition to putting our Good Friday and Easter Sunday services online (see pictures below of several of our families participating in their homes), we have had our first video conferencing PPC meeting.  Although it is not as nice as in person… it works.  We continue to keep the parish moving forward as best as we can.  The building is being kept safe and secure.  The bills continue to be paid.  The bulletins are once again being published and now sent out via email.  Phone calls are being made to the shut-ins.  Things are actually growing in some ways.

Of course there are new challenges too.  Donations are obviously way down, and this means that our financial future is uncertain.  We are encouraging people to donate via cheque, website or credit card, but…. even if our income shrinks (and it likely will) God will still provide for us.

I trust you are all keeping yourselves safe and isolated.  If you need to talk, or you need some help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

God bless, Christ is Risen!

Fr. Bo