In Dormition Parish:

We are following all the rules strictly to ensure we can have the safest possible church while still remaining open with public services.

Some of our current restrictions that we are imposing are:

  • All people attending services must wear masks,
  • All people must maintain a social distance from other households of at least 2 meters (if not, more)
  • Only 15 people are allowed in the Church Nave, and 5 additional people can be in the Church Choir Loft.  This follows the 15% occupancy rate that we are permitted by the AHS.
  • Everyone is to sanitize their hands when entering and exiting the church
  • No singing is permitted.  All liturgies will be recited till further notice.
  • Eucharist is distributed using one time use spoons which are respectfully incinerated after use.  This allows for the safest possible distribution of Communion and fully complies with Eparchial Covid policies.
  • All people entering  are to answer covid screening questions, and to provide contact information that can be used for contact tracing.
  • The building and furniture is regularly sanitized.
  • We are also recording weekly and special Divine Liturgies so that people can participate from the safety of their homes.  The video’s are available here:  Liturgy Videos

The Latest from AHS:

Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Dec. 13

Faith services are limited to 15% of fire code occupancy for in-person attendance:

  • Physical distancing between households must be maintained
  • Mask use is mandatory


  • Virtual or online services are recommended
  • Drive-in services where people do not leave their vehicles and adhere to guidance are allowed

Additional safety measures:

  • In-person faith group meetings and other religious gatherings are:
    • not permitted in private homes while these measures are in effect
    • permitted when conducted at a place of worship as long as physical distancing and public health measures are followed
  • Faith leaders and other speakers can remove their masks while speaking if there is a distance of 2 metres. The mask must be put on again once finished speaking.
  • Group performance activities, such as choir singing and playing music, are permitted if they are normal worship practices and not for the purpose of entertainment. Performers must wear masks at all times.

Latest Letter from Bishop David:

Nov 26, 2020

Dear Pastors,   CIX!

The Government of Alberta updated its COVID-19 restrictions as of November 24, which are in place for at least the next three weeks.

Faith communities are often significant aspects of people’s lives, and include intimate and close contact between members. This measure will help limit exposure at these activities, reducing outbreaks and protecting vulnerable members who attend.

Regarding places of worship, the new measures include:

In areas of enhanced status, for example Calgary and Edmonton (Enhanced status (purple) areas), a maximum of 1/3 normal attendance and held at normal location, including rental spaces like a community hall. For all areas throughout the entire Province of Alberta:

  • Two-metre physical distancing between households must be maintained
  • Mask use is mandatory in the areas of and around Edmonton and Calgary, unless you have a medical exemption. Those choosing not to wear a mask will not be permitted to enter the church for the safety of other parishioners.
  • Hand-sanitizing at entrance/exit to church is required.
  • The faithful are required to sign-in upon entry for tracking purposes should someone present as COVID-19 positive.
  • Ushers are to remind the faithful of the above requirements.
  • Recited liturgies are encouraged. Where singing is practiced, no congregational singing. Rather, a single cantor may lead the responses, while the faithful remain prayerfully silent.
  • Online liturgical services are encouraged
  • In-person faith group meetings can continue but physical distancing and public health measures must be followed
  • Receptions are not permitted
  • Maximum of 10 people for weddings, funerals and baptisms
    • This includes the officiant, bride/groom and witnesses
    • This does not include staff or organizers who are not considered an invited guest
    • This applies to any facility, including places of worship and funeral homes.
    • This includes services held indoors or outdoors, seated or non-seated.

Kindly include these reminders in your parish-bulletins and websites. It will also be helpful to announce the pertinent measures at the beginning of each liturgical service, especially with the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord approaching, with some of our faithful in attendance who may not be familiar with the practices during the pandemic.

My prayers are with you and your faithful as we journey through Saint Philip’s Fast, preparing ourselves for the birth of our Lord.

God bless,    Bishop David