Our Parish Pastoral Council

Every year we elect a dedicated group of parishioners to help consult Fr. Bo and manage the parish building and assets.  This good looking crew meets typically once a month and ensures that the finances are all transparent and in good order, that the building is safe and clean, and that things in general are moving forward.

Many thanks to all of our current PPC.

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Our local branch of the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada (UCWLC) is an active group that supports the parish and the community with their many efforts.  From feeding children at a local school, to cooking Easter breakfast, to supplying gifts for St. Nicholas to give to the kids these awesome ladies do it all.

For more information please contact Fr. Bo or a UCWLC member from our parish.

Our Little Friends of Jesus

This awesome group of elementary aged kids gathers during services to learn about God and do crafts together.  At the end of each liturgy they come and present to the parish what they did and they receive a special blessing.  Also each year they put together a lovely concert that they preform for St. Nicholas on his feast day (Sunday closest to Dec. 6).

Here is a picture of them being blessed by Fr. Bo at the end of a Liturgy.