First Communion

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Welcome to our First Solemn Communion Page.

“Classes” have begun, and boy am I having fun.  (I think the families are too)

The Videos with a blue intro screen are the official 2021 program, and I’m making them as we speak.  Hopefully I can get at least one class done per week.

Videos with a green intro screen are some of my old videos that I used in another parish.  They tend to have lots of good stuff in them and are fun and great for review.  Heck, some of my future videos will include materials that I have used in my older ones.  If I refer to “teachers” or “program” its because we had weekly classes with these videos before in the other parish.

If you have a child whom you would like to have participate…. sure why not.  We might be able to catch you up to the main group, or perhaps we will just work with you individually.  Although we aim to have our FSC at around Easter time, there is nothing to say that we cant make it work later.  If you wish to join please email me (Fr. Bo) at [email protected]

Classes are half to three quarters taught through these videos, and one quarter to half taught via video conferencing calls.  (But I am bad at communicating, so please be patient, and feel free to take initiative).

Enjoy the videos, even if you are not doing your FSC.  They are decent catechism for kids and still kinda fun for those older.  (at least I think they are fun and decent but I’m probably biased.)

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