#221 Our Lady’s Scouts is currently working on getting, registering and vetting adult volunteers.  After we are ready to go, then we will begin programs with children and youth (God willing, spring?)

Our next meeting for those who would like to be involved (adult volunteers) will take place on February the 8th at 7:15 pm on location at Dormition Parish, or you can also attend via zoom.  The link will be sent out to the “people interested in Scouts” list.

If you would like to get on the “people interested in Scouts” list, or if you have any questions about what we are planning to do with this Catholic Scouting group, please send Fr. Bo an email at [email protected]

And, at this time we are also working on setting up our own website, our URL: OurLadysScouts.ca (which currently points to this page), our email addresses, our MailChimp Email sender-outer, our facebook and more.  (Thanks to Kevin & Marijana for working on these)