Feb 2022 Annual General Meeting

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Dear Parishioners,

Glory be to Jesus Christ!  

I hope you are all well.  This webpage is our parish’s “Covid Friendly” Annual General Meeting.  Because we are unable to meet in person due to the pandemic, we are asking every parishioner to participate through this online package.  (Also available in paper form, just make the request and we can mail it to you, or give it to you at church on Sunday.)

We recognize that this format is not “normal”, but like last year, we pray that all of you are willing to once again accept this format during this pandemic.

In this “package” you will find:

  • The Pastor’s annual report.  Click here.
  • The Financial Statement from 2021 reviewed by the Review Committee.  Click here.
  • The proposed Budget for 2022. Click here.
  • The Slate of Officers as proposed by the Nominating Committee for 2022.  Click here.
  • The Proposed Bylaws Letter. Click here.
  • The Proposed Bylaws as proposed by the Bylaw Committee.  Click here.
  • The online “Vote Survey”. Click here.

If possible, after reviewing the documents, we ask that you fill out, sign, and submit the “Vote Survey” to the parish on or before Sunday March 13th.  Unfortunately votes received after this date will not be counted.

All parishioners who are registered in the parish are welcome to cast their votes.

Thank you for your participation,

Fr. Bo

Greg Ostopowich
2021 Parish Pastoral Council Chair